Fantasy Allowed?

Yes the internet is a place to be as creative as legally possible and in yesteryear I would fabricate my profiles on Myspace or Faceparty more than I would a CV during a desperate job seek. Everyone makes themselves out to be their inner self. The character they use to day dream, the one that will say what they think, be the centre of attention, always know exactly what to say,  sexier, savvier, wittier, a little more sassy and in my case a little less classy.  It’s a given that online we will say to others what we won’t say in their presence. If we are communicating with strangers, then we have the ability to vanish off the scale, be as obscure as we want, release our inhibitions and create an alter ego. This is completely acceptable as long as it is understood.

My twitter accounts (I have two) are clear of this. Whilst I am genuine and not trying to mislead anyone about my life, I have a saner account were I chat with other parents and can try to poke fun  of my day to day drone of existence and banter about how rubbish my parenting skills are, then the second account, I can be as vulgar as I want. Some things are said for hopefully comic affect, but nothing is a misrepresentation and anyone with 3 brain cells or more can immediately identify this as both usernames represent silliness.

On the saner account, I follow one of the yummy-mummy crowd. She is popular (as in she has many followers) so her tweets are read by many, maybe she is transparent to them also? She is a train wreck of a tragedy whether she is true or a facade.

With her award nominated blog and her 2 minutely tweets, she constantly keeps us posted on her dramatic life, even though she has a three year old, two demanding wards and a full-time job. Quite how she manages I have no idea.

The saddest part is the amount of buy-in she has, with continual tweets of support and encouragement. I even stupidly sent one the first time I read of her day before realising the bullshit.

Why does it bother me?

I’m guessing she is either unemployed or unsuccessfully self-employed as Twitter seems to be her main focus, night or day. So with time on her hands, she opts for attention seeking in the lowest form. Instead of trying to dazzle others with entertaining anecdotes, being a sympathetic conversationalist or just commenting on the weather, she has turned her life into a soap-opera.

The bothering bit comes from the amount of apparently intelligent folk she has suckered in.

I want to expose her, but I shall not.

About cuntychoppalops

Blunder cunt - An old school definition meaning one who takes a long time to accomplish an objective due to an easily distracted mind.
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4 Responses to Fantasy Allowed?

  1. Laura says:

    Very interesting blog! Twitter is a fascinating place. I look forward to your reading more!

  2. lamourdemere says:

    Oh please expose her… !

  3. Ruth says:

    Name and shame!

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