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Working Day Adventure

A quick tale of lunchtime naughtiness gone wrong. I arrange to meet some random for some filth who lived quite close to my place of employment so I thought an encounter at lunch time would make for an interesting morning … Continue reading

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I Love Porn (Part 1)

I fucking LOVE porn! I’m sure I’ve mentioned this a time or two. My porn preferences are becoming more obscure as time goes on and I’m never quite sure as to why what I view arouses me. Perhaps sometimes I … Continue reading

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If anyone is oblivious to the current Keith Chegwin controversy then have a mooch at this… After looking at his timeline and seeing the complete cack on there I am shocked that real paid professional comedians are kicking off … Continue reading

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Twitter Bad Manners.

A quick short rant. I don’t expect to be everyone’s cup of tea and when I follow people, I certainly don’t expect them to follow me back. Sometimes, it’s as simple as logistics, you cannot accommodate everybody, it would just … Continue reading

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The Role Of Ravishment.

This post will probably spend most of its word count on disclaimer, but today ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to discuss Rape-Play. Firstly, I am a firm believer in each to their own. Everyone has little sexual quirks and if … Continue reading

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