Hedgehogs, Ears and Tonsils

Finally, I have the go-ahead to have my tonsils removed.

I say the go-ahead, when actually, I mean an ENT specialist has said that I hit the required criteria and now my GP can apply for funding for a tonsillectomy. The doctor took one look at my scarred, pit covered red lumps and nodded. Nothing more was needed. I was expecting to plead, to tell her of my work absence all relating to my gob-rot, how my allergy to penicillin means I have a less effective antibiotic to cure each case of strep throat or quinsy, which can reach up to 10 per year, but no, the sorry sight of my mouth was enough.  Soon my suffering will be over, no longer will I have to endure the white puss spots which I remove with a cotton bud whilst gagging or rush for antibiotics before my throat seals, gone will be the fevers accompanying the swollen face. As long as the Primary Care Trust approve funding of course.

Also over the past few years, my hearing seems to be decreasing. I have blamed using cotton buds to “clean” them, possibly blocking my ears by pushing wax further down, tiredness could have been a factor or being surrounded by screaming rowdy children, the bad throat could be harming the ears but wearing a headset or headphones for my job ALL day long, was my biggest suspect of cause. I was given a hearing test at the hospital.

It transpires that I may have a genetic hearing problem that has been triggered by pregnancy. Both ears appear to be affected and I cannot hear certain frequencies at all. The only information I was given is possibly some bones in my ear may “fix” due to hormones. My hearing could remain in its current state or it could get increasingly worse. The doctor advised another hearing test in six months time but currently no action will be taken and I was then ushered from the room.

I felt rather alarmed.

I was expecting to have my ears cleaned out with olive oil for a miraculous full recovery.

A search on Wiki reveals Otosclerosis as the condition the doctor was talking about. It looks like my hearing will decrease with age but hearing aids or surgery can fix it! Joyous.

On a different note, my husband went out to lie on the hammock for a late night cigarette and found a hedgehog.


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Blunder cunt - An old school definition meaning one who takes a long time to accomplish an objective due to an easily distracted mind.
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