Twitter Bad Manners.

A quick short rant.

I don’t expect to be everyone’s cup of tea and when I follow people, I certainly don’t expect them to follow me back. Sometimes, it’s as simple as logistics, you cannot accommodate everybody, it would just consume your day.

I try to follow back most of mine at first, but will then remove if there is radio silence. But what I find really fucking rude is when I follow some popular people (who don’t follow back) and I regularly enjoy what they type, sometimes even moved enough to reply, they never ever respond, as if I am unworthy of acknowledging.

All it takes is a quick click on the “mentions” section and a few characters sent back.

These busy intelligent funny individuals may be overwhelmed with responses, so I usually let it go the first few times, but then I find it happens every single time.

Do I unfollow and miss out on their charming anecdotes and funnies? Simply because I am not charming and funny enough for them to reply?

They make me feel like a hassle, an annoying little stalker who dares to mention or type at them. Maybe I should name and shame?

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Blunder cunt - An old school definition meaning one who takes a long time to accomplish an objective due to an easily distracted mind.
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9 Responses to Twitter Bad Manners.

  1. Rachel says:

    Don’t name and shame because you’re better than that. Just unfollow? You’ll see the good stuff in retweets anyway x

    • I would feel petty unfollowing, just because I’m not getting their attention. I shall just not waste my time in flattering them with any responses to their tweets any more.

  2. Brad Hammers says:

    I have a largely asynchronous followers / following ratio – I follow about a hundred friends, and have several thousand followers. By no means am I Johnny Popular at the top of the tree, or Stephen Fry (search Twitter for @stephenfry to see the sheer amount of shit that he gets sent @ him.)

    It does mean that if I ask a question, I’m likely to get ten or so sensible answers and double that in “comedy” responses. I try to reply to everyone, but honestly, I’d spend my whole life tweeting “thank you” at people. Generally, I’l tweet a “thanks to everyone who…”, which is a basic courtesy to those who took time out to help me. It’s rare that I’ll single out an individual, unless it was a particularly good piece of advice or they were the only one to reply.

    Er, that’s it really.

    • Are you trying to convince me it’s justified because you can’t help being so popular that you can’t reply to everyone? Because you are not really winning me over 🙂 You can’t compare yourself to Stephen Fry, he is to Twitter as Tom is to Myspace, he just comes with the account.

  3. Fi says:

    Hi, I’ve just discovered your blog and firstly I have to say I find it very refreshing 🙂 I’ve not commented on any of your other posts yet but will do soon.

    This post however is exactly what I felt about someone that I was following recently. She has about 1000 followers & gets RT’d quite regularly and, like you, I had replied to her a number of times only to be met with a deathly wall of silence (dingied, we say up here in Scotland).

    My feeling TBH was WHO THE FLYING FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, LUV? I can understand celebs not replying (although I’ve had replies from a few who have tens of thousands of followers) but ORDINARY PEOPLE??? Naw, not on.

    So I unfollowed her & feel good about that. Fuck the cow.

    And that’s all I have to say on the matter 😉

    • Thanks for the blog compliment. It’s strange, I find it tends to be females that are ignorant. I’ve just checked two in particular that I have followed for awhile and I must have sent about 10 replies to them each, all ignored. One has 1100 followers and one has 330. I always do a Nikki Grahame and scream “Who IS she?!?!” I’ve had replies from “celebrities” in the past, one I shall name because I was so impressed. SaraJCox. We had babies at the same time and were both suffering with breastfeeding sore boobs. She was up late and tweeting and I replied to her. Despite having 96,995 followers, she responded, then checked back with me a few weeks later to see if I felt better. I am not expecting a reply to every personal comment, but If I have bothered to try to converse with someone on a few occasions, they would surely recognise my username and answer just once, at least to shut me up. I hope if I come across arrogant, then someone gives me a reality check.

  4. Oh, I am so with you on this one. I too follow a couple of ‘Twitter celebrities’ as in , they’re popular on Twitter but just like you and me in the real world. I also follow them because they are amusing/dry/a little bit wrong whatever. If it wasn’t for the fact that they genuinely add value to my timeline, I’d unfollow the cunts too.
    Like you, I’ve replied to a couple of them and even worse, I think than just being ignored, my ‘e-celebs’ have replied back (more than once in some cases) and yet they don’t deem me worthy of a follow back. One of them even retweeted something I said . I wonder what it is that these knobjockeys think when they look at my bio (assuming that they do). ‘Oh, she’s someones mum, how dull’. Well, excuse me but Caitlin Moran is a mum twice over and she manages to be pretty fucking funny. Incidentally, I don’t follow Caitlin Moran because I want her to follow me back- she has over 23,000 followers. I follow her for her ascerbic wit.
    I’m not going to name and shame on the others either, but I do face the shall I shan’t I unfollow decision frequently because I have very good Twitter manners. I follow back everyone who bothers to say hi, even if I look at thier bio and think ‘we won’t have much in common’. Twitter is after all, about ‘the conversation’ is it not?

    • I have two people that will converse with me on here yet won’t follow me. *shrugs* I don’t know what more they expect of me? I’m past caring now about who follows me in fact, I didn’t care in the first place. I guess I’m glad I was snubbed yet again today as it made me check back through all my mentions to see if there was anyone I had missed out and ignored. I also had a cull on both accounts a few days ago, get rid of dead wood that do my head in.

  5. There are a lot of odious self important twats on Twitter who use it as nothing but a popularity contest. It doesn’t just stop at celebs though as some thing they are better than you if they have more followers. I’ve had a fair few celeb twitterers and I’m rather proud of them. I find sports people or comedians are the most likely to reply and I’ve had four replies from @stephenfry himself (yes I am sad enough to treasure them as he is the reason I am on there).

    I enjoy naming and shaming on my timeline when a celeb is an arse. I would suggest you do so to as some celebs have gone to blogs to get post removed in the past.

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