If anyone is oblivious to the current Keith Chegwin controversy then have a mooch at this…

After looking at his timeline and seeing the complete cack on there I am shocked that real paid professional comedians are kicking off and getting their knickers in a twist at his joke thievery.

“My auntie Marge has been ill for so long we changed her name to “I can’t believe she’s not better”’ was written by Milton Jones.” Taken from the article.

When I see this on Cheggers Twitter, I think the silly bugger with his camp hammy gags but if I had paid to go and see a professional comedian who writes his own material and he comes up with the “Auntie Marge” joke, I would be pretty furious about my wasted finances.

I remember jokes being bandied about YEARS ago about that particular brand name and most of them were along the same lines. Surely comedians cannot be so pretentious that they think they are solely, the only person able to play with the English language and come up with that unoriginal line?

Does Milton Jones really deserve “credit” for that crap?

I always half remember a joke that I have heard somewhere along the way, could have been on telly years ago or could have been in the pub. The bits I can remember, I string together with a couple of new bits, then deliver it badly. Aren’t we all guilty of that?

“Other comics he has stolen from include Jimmy Carr.” – You mean he copied the person who writes for Jimmy Carr? Isn’t Jimmy Carr just the mouthpiece?

Nothing on Keith Chegwin’s Twitter account is worth getting upset over even if he has pinched it. I am sick of comedians in general, they don’t own the English Language. When my husband was explaining hung parliament to me days before the election, I shouted out “ConDEM!” Proper proud of my little self I was and this was days before seeing it on Twitter. I didn’t suddenly assume that I was the only human capable of stringing those two words together and condensing or I didn’t start message people for credit. In the four weeks I have been using this account and blog, I have seen some of my ideas being developed further by others. I wasn’t offended or even under the assumption that it was my words that had triggered off theirs. Could be purely coincidental as the topics are cover are certainly the most common. I guess I just felt pleased to be among like-minded folk and if I had been the trigger, then happy I was somehow a tiny part of it.

I have seen another popular (shit in my opinion) comic on here with thousands of followers, lift jokes or references from elsewhere and tweet them as his own, it happens all the time. Perhaps everybody should just chill the fuck out?  Isn’t Keith Chegwin and his career, the biggest joke of all?

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One Response to Ba-Dum-Tish

  1. Received this on Twitter and it’s worth a watch…
    @NullanVoid @CuntyChoppalops Have you seen Stewart Lee’s routine
    about joke “stealing” and Joe Pasquale?

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