Working Day Adventure

A quick tale of lunchtime naughtiness gone wrong.

I arrange to meet some random for some filth who lived quite close to my place of employment so I thought an encounter at lunch time would make for an interesting morning of anticipation. I drove to  the local pub close by and transferred into his car. We drove a few miles away to somewhere secluded and dabbled for a short while in some sexual activity. Looking at the clock I released I had ten minutes to get back to the office so he started the car. Well, he tried. The battery was dead.

I was mortified…and stranded.

I left him there and started to walk back in the direction of the pub, across farm fields, in a short skirt, fishnets and heels. He stayed with his car trying to find a friend to come and help him. After walking about a mile, close to tears, thinking of the trouble I would be in when my manager realises I’m missing and cursing myself for leaving my bag (containing phone) on my desk, I see him coming sprinting up the road after me.  At this point I have now removed my heels and are hobbling along in stocking covered feet down a country lane. Even though it wasn’t particularly his fault I started to rant at him for a solution, so he offered to run to my car and drive back to get me. Stupidly I handed my keys over and off he jogged. 20 minutes later I see my car turning the corner, luckily he was genuine and was on his way to rescue me rather than stealing my car. I dropped him back at his vehicle, leaving him once again stranded and headed back to work. I arrived during a floor presentation and was beckoned over to the crowd. My best mate (who had no idea of my lunchtime plans) pointed out after that I was remarkably red face when I skulked in and I had mud up the back of my skirt and over my shoes.

I never met a random for oral sex again during office hours 🙂

About cuntychoppalops

Blunder cunt - An old school definition meaning one who takes a long time to accomplish an objective due to an easily distracted mind.
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