Snippets Of Conversations

Husband reads “Camping Sex-Based Disaster” in bed last night

Husband: You had cum on you?

Me: Did I forget to tell you?

Husband: I checked myself for stains before I came out of the tent.

Me:Did you not think to remind me?

Husband smiles

A conversation this evening…

Husband: Did I finger you last night? Or was I dreaming?

Me: Erm, not that I remember. I remember asking for a cuddle in bed because I was cold, then I fell straight asleep with your hands on my tits.

Husband: I must have dreamt I was fingering you. Or maybe it was after you fell asleep.

Taking a bap picture for OctoberJones followers…

Me: Can I borrow your camera? (bread rolls under arms)

Husband: Yeah sure, what for?

Me: Don’t ask!

Rearranging the bread rolls on the bed,  Husband walks into the room. I flush with embarrassment of how to explain the situation…

Husband: Shall I take the picture for you?

About cuntychoppalops

Blunder cunt - An old school definition meaning one who takes a long time to accomplish an objective due to an easily distracted mind.
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