Last Camping Trip Of The Summer

That was my last camping trip of the year being only able to cope with summery conditions.

No spunk stains this time but as usual there were a few giggly moments. First one being when I took my friend’s 8 year old daughter to the toilet block. She said she wanted to wait for a particular cubicle to become available as it was her “favourite.” I obliged and stood in the queue with her.

While washing our hands she announces to the busy toilet queue that she doesn’t understand the red writing (the reason she picks this cubicle) on her favourite toilet door. I asked her what it said, absent-mindedly assuming it was a poster or instructions.

She announces, “It says, bum me. Bum me now.”

Roaring with laughter much to the disgust of the remaining bathroom users, I tell her I’ve never heard of that phrase before so she better check with her mum.

My other mate and I sniggered as we approached our party of 16 outside of the play park knowing full well what was about to happen.

8 year old girl repeats her question rather loudly to her mum.

Much cackling commences while other campers look and listen on.

The only other sniggery moment was my ability to speak without thinking.  M was camping with his new girlfriend. I’ve mentioned him in a previous post. The one I used to partake in casual shenanigans with. His new girlfriend has the same name as me which is really confusing and she had been told that we used to have sex but I doubt she had been told details. On one particularly drunken evening I had taken part in a threesome with him and his other best mate.

Things are cool between us and it has never been mentioned since it ended several years ago. While all (the adults) sitting around the campfire he suggested making bacon and sausage sandwiches. Someone mentioned throwing some eggs into the equation and I blurted out, “YES! A ménage à trois!” Another friend reacted by screaming, “yeah, like you M and P!” Thus resulting in everyone in the know, which was the remainder of the group apart from him and his girlfriend, guffawing with hilarity.

He just looked away in panic.

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Blunder cunt - An old school definition meaning one who takes a long time to accomplish an objective due to an easily distracted mind.
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