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Boob Annoyance

Oh I am miffed. When I changed my face avatar to the current picture, someone tweeted me and said, ‘oh you are using that photo from your Facebook now are you?’  When I replied asking ‘What the fuck?’ He suggested … Continue reading

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Boy Cat

I got Charlie when he was 6 weeks old, when his mother who was a stray, was taken in while pregnant by a friend. He cried all the way home and hid from me when I opened the cat box. … Continue reading

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Bad Wife

Mr Chopalops has been off work poorly for the last ten days with labyrinthitis, a virus that affects the inner ear and causes symptoms similar to being drunk.  Attempting to go back to work for an incredibly important meeting, one … Continue reading

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Blog Confusion

Without getting into too much detail, another blog Word Ejaculation, that I run with friends came under attack yesterday when an MP blogged about one of the contributors. Lies were told, a misled angry mob set about commenting on the … Continue reading

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