Boob Annoyance

Oh I am miffed.

When I changed my face avatar to the current picture, someone tweeted me and said, ‘oh you are using that photo from your Facebook now are you?’  When I replied asking ‘What the fuck?’ He suggested that he had seen it on my FB account but wouldn’t response any further. Very few Twitter folk have been linked to my real Facebook account and it is locked to the general public, the photo, hidden within albums.

Having a bit of a panic, I scanned his Twitter account to look for clues, to see if I knew him in the real world, seeming he had suggested he had been nosing through my albums. But no, I didn’t. Putting it down to thinking he was talking through his anus, I let it go.

Last night, it transpires he had saved one of my avatar pictures and uploaded it his on yfrog account. The picture happens to be of my breasts, posted for #BoobieWednesday for Breast Cancer Awareness. In fairness, I would have just used the photo for my avatar anyway as I was asked and felt in the mood to do it. Accepting that once you upload a picture to the internet, you lose any control of it and people could save it if they wished, I didn’t have a problem and when people comment about having saved it, I just find it amusing. But don’t then claim the photo, upload it to you personal account, then tweet the link back to me proudly and suggest I’m small minded for having a slight issue.

Bear in mind this isn’t someone I particularly talk to. It’s not one of the people I muck about with on Twitter, talking sometimes quite explicitly about filth.  More confusing, as I also talk to his wife, I found it a bit urm, disrespectful? I don’t think I would be too amused if Mr Chopalops had a folder full of tit pics of the girls he spoke to online.

Anyhoo, I’ve blocked this guy, finding him sinister and slightly creepy but it’s just really irked me that he found it so amusing.

It’s also been suggested that the photo was not of me but some random off the net. Why would I bother posting someone else’s tits? Surely, I would just opt out and keep my face avatar pictures?

It hasn’t actually put me off from posting my body bits in future, in fact I was tempted to crank open the archive and upload all my naughty pics onto the blog as a big ‘fuck you’ to this person. But for the time being, I will refrain.

About cuntychoppalops

Blunder cunt - An old school definition meaning one who takes a long time to accomplish an objective due to an easily distracted mind.
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2 Responses to Boob Annoyance

  1. M says:

    The net is full of creeps, just like the world we live in. Don’t let the creeps of this world upset your day choppalops, don’t afford them that satisfaction. Laugh at them, they are like the dirt beneath your shoe and living in a miserable little universe all on their own 😀

  2. brain_string says:

    That is a little creepy.. and I’m aware coming from me that’s some kind of damnation. And you talk to his wife! I will confess that I absolutely loved that pic, and as you are my twitter-crush sighed a little at it.. but I would never think of saving it. There are lines in this blog/twitter world. And he totally crossed them.

    Right, I’m off to wank over Cheryl Cole and maintain my dignity……. what?….

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