Halloween Facebook

I’ve woken up to the following conversation on my Facebook newsfeed:-

  • XMy SisterX ჱܓ: Has Jst Nearly Bin POSINED no joke !!!7 hours ago via Mobile Web: 2 people like this.
  • Sophiexxxxl By whooooooo♥
  • XMy SisterX ჱܓ :I aint messin me n sxxxx wen trick treain yest n jst opened a sweet n it ad curry powder white clumps n somethin else init !!!
  • Sophiexxx:  Ewwww how dare they try kill yas ill go knock them out :)♥
  • XMy SisterX ჱܓ :I’m fumin as if u wud do da to kids sweets !!
  • Sophiexxxx : Anoooo fat bastards probs ate the sweets themselves♥
  • XMy SisterX ჱܓ  : Its nt funny god knws wa wuda of happened if I ad of ate it wud noticin xx
  • Katyxxxxx: Go to the police about it hun. X x
  • XMy SisterX ჱܓ  : Bad tho isn’t it givin it to kids x
  • Sophiexxxx: Yeah the sly peoplesssss ♥

Look past the poor spelling and ‘chavness,’ perhaps someone didn’t appreciate a gang of 18 year olds trick or treating? Personally, I think it looks like chocolate lick back from the days I was at school and used to get 2 oz on the way home.

Photographic Evidence


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Blunder cunt - An old school definition meaning one who takes a long time to accomplish an objective due to an easily distracted mind.
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