This post is a follow up to Making Money – The Perverse Way?

I must clarify that although this post is in jest, I accept that everyone has their hidden kink and as long as they are happy and not harming anyone, then it is their funky prerogative.

Delving a little previously into the world of Adult Nursing Relationships, I have decided to revisit in a little more depth.  A plethora of porn involving this topic can be found on the usual sites without having to venture to fetish forums, so surely it must be a common fantasy?

Finally remembering the email and password, (after about 15 attempts) on which I contacted the original folks from the previous post, I was surprised to find a voluptuous inbox, all requesting breastmilk supplies. Bob, from the original post, the guy who claimed he needed it for medical reasons and it would ease his psoriasis, was still sat in my address book so I dropped him a mail.

Me: Hi Bob, I was just wondering if you managed to find any breast milk supplies x

Bob: Hi and thanks for the thought!! I have found a lovely lady who is not at the moment milky but is trying hard, I do still need some badly, but having thought about it the suckling has a BIG MMM for me and I think that’s the way I would enjoy it, I hope to return the pleasure to whoever I suckle. How are you anyway ?? I’m really pleased you thought to mail me, that’s nice !! If you need a sucker?? it’s me LOL ! Bob all my love xxxx

Me: You sneaky devil, I thought you needed milk for psoriasis? I have to admit; I’m no longer looking to sell milk but thinking about trying an ANR but don’t really know what I’m doing.

Bob: Hi sneaky devil ?? lol. you say you want to try an anr ??  I thought you had a partner ?? so I hope your not wasting all the milk you have, lol I WANT IT !!!
So what do you want to know ?? if I can help or drink you dry I will, lol (please) no really if I can I will help , just ask I’m here xxxx Bob x

While I’m busy mailing Bob, up pops that new chat feature that I keep ignoring in the corner…

ravi (17/7/10 19:43): hi

ravi (17/7/10 19:43): <ding>

ravi (17/7/10 19:43): <ding>

ravi (17/7/10 19:43): hi ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

ravi (17/7/10 19:43): hi milk

ravi (17/7/10 19:43): i want milk

ravi (17/7/10 19:43): will u feed me with ur breasts plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

ravi (17/7/10 19:43): i will pay u \

ravi (17/7/10 19:43): hiiiiiiiii

ravi (17/7/10 19:43): happy diwali

Finally I get to talk to Michael, who has experienced a nursing relationship for 4 years…

‘I like how it makes me feel, it calms me and it’s just the best. I enjoy the closeness and the intimacy and the feeling of mutual need; it’s another level of intimacy, better than sex for me. I don’t wear a nappy or dress up but the girl that I lived with for about a year and a half, she nursed me 4 times a day, sometimes more and it precluded sex mostly in the morning not always though. She almost always had orgasms when I suckled. I love that part too; it’s beautiful, etched women having orgasms. I love it they seem so much more intense than ours.’

Okay, so Michael isn’t very explicit with the information he gives, in the parts that actually make sense. The conversation dies quickly once he realises I am far, FAR away from Oregon and can provide no boob service to him, but he is willing to share links to lactation porn.

For example:

which is the most ‘erotic, hottest lactation vid’ he has seen and claims ‘it’s forever etched on my brain.’ He likes the word etched doesn’t he? But I don’t really feel any more informed until Andrew pops up to share…

Andrew: hello, how r u

Me: hey

Andrew: how r u? can u talk? u there? why can u not talk to me? u reply one worded to my first “hello how r u” then u dont reply?

Me: Sorry, I got called away from the pc, I’m here now.

(Andrew obviously requires immediate attention.)

Andrew: ok

Me: You ok?

Andrew: Yes I am. So what u lookin for exactly? u there?

Me: Yes, I’m here. I want to know about ANRs? (Adult Nursing Relationship)

Andrew: cool

Me: what is it you’re into?

Andrew: I am an adult baby, and love suckling, but never had breast milk

Me: You’re an adult baby? Sorry, I am new to this and I’m not sure I understand.

Andrew: I suck dummies, eat babyfood, play with baby toys.

(I now have the mental image of Andrew sat cross legged on the floor in front of MOTD tucking into Cow&Gate Pureed Carrot and Potato)

Me: and do you do this alone?

Andrew: Yes, u cud baby me, and let me suckle at ure breast

Me: Maybe

Andrew: cool, I wud like that

Me: Does it turn you on?

Andrew: a little

Me: So how do you feel when you’re sucking a dummy or eating baby food?

Andrew: I feel like a real baby, feel so relaxed and regressed

Me: So it’s a chill out thing rather than arousal?

Andrew: 50/50 really

Me: and what would I have to do?

Andrew: be a mummy to me? let me suckle at ure breast

Me: and what else?

Andrew: what wud u like?

Me: I’m not sure, I’m new to this, I don’t know what else is required?

Andrew: nothing, it’s just like being treated like a real baby in everyway

Me: Do you wear nappies or baby clothes? (I dread asking, in apprehension of what may follow.)

Andrew: I do

Me: Where did you get them? Do you live alone?

Andrew: I wear terry cloth and disposable nappies, and wear adult sized baby clothes, yes I live alone (SHOCKER)

Andrew: I got them from: and

Me: I’ll have a look in a bit.

Andrew: ok

Me: So would you want me to change the nappies etc

Andrew: it’s up to u. I wud like it if u did, but I wud only go wee wee, if u wanted me to (DIES INSIDE)

Me: Ok. How old are you?

Andrew: I am 32. how old r u

Me: 33.

(You KNEW the next bit was coming….)

Me: Could you send me pictures of you?

Andrew: yes

Me: In your stuff, or just normal ones?

Andrew: I have both, which wud u prefer

Me: both

Andrew: u will have it soon, it’s on its way

Me: Have you ever done anything with anyone else?

Andrew: yes. met a few mummies, and other babies like me

Me: And what did you do with them?

Andrew: play baby games, watched baby cartoons/tv coloured in my book, had naps, was fed baby food, etc

(I’m now in a heap of laughter at the ‘coloured in my book’ which he has sent photographic evidence of.)

Photo removed

Me: And you didn’t get to breastfeed?

Andrew: no

Me: Why?

Andrew: there was no mummies there that could and the mummy I met, bottle fed me

Me: Ah ok, not all of them will let you breastfeed? Or pretend if they are not lactating?

Andrew: no

Me: Do the mummies dress up?

Andrew: just in normal clothes

Me: Is there sex involved?

Andrew: NO, not at all.

Andrew: some mummies like slippin their hands in my nappy, depends on the mummy.

(I cringe)

Me: and you don’t do anything back to the mummy?

Andrew: no, most mummies act like real mummies, and babies act like real babies

Me: Have you been looking for someone for awhile?

Andrew: yes

Me: Tell me exactly what it is you are looking for?

Andrew: I am an adult baby, and babies drink breast milk, I wud love to suckle at ure breast, and I wud get excited

Me: I’m just downloading the pictures

Andrew: ok

Me: Have you told anyone from your life about this?

Andrew: not really. what u think of my pics?

Andrew: u there? (I’ve got distracted by Twitter at this point)

Me: yes, I’m here. Do you like sissification?

Andrew: wud u like to turn me into a baby girl?

Me: Would you like that?

Andrew: yes, but where are you?

Me: I’m in the Northwest

Andrew: so wud u like me dressed as a baby girl in a pink dress suckling on ure breast?

Me: Well, is that what you’re into?

Andrew: I have just emailed u some pics of me as a baby girl

Me: Ah, you already do it? (Andrew’s photo’s arrive instantly)

Andrew: yes

Me: are you on twitter?

Andrew: I am not on twitter (I breathe a heavy sigh of relief)

Me: Just looking at the photo’s now, where is the pic taken?

Andrew: at an ex gfs house

Me: So she knew?

Andrew: yes, she babied me, and took the pics

Me: Was she into it already before you met?

Andrew: no

Me: how did you convince her to try it?

Andrew: just did

Me: like magic

Andrew: yes like magic.

Andrew: if u wanted me too. wud u like me to call u “mummy”?

Me: It’s up to you

Andrew: ok mummy x

Andrew: so where do we go from here?

Me: disconnected from chat.

Erotic Lactation for me seems a little, unrealistic? Having recently breastfed my baby for 5 months, there were occasions when breast milk presented itself when I perhaps didn’t want it to, such as during special time with the husband or us both waking up in the middle of the night drenched, due to leakage. We made a joke of it then pretty much chose to ignore it and carry on as normal. Even though I may have squirted milk at a distance to see if I could hit him and dared him to taste the milk after I had patiently expressed some to allow me a full night’s sleep, I didn’t encourage much further interest than that. Although Mr CuntyChopalops didn’t neglect my boobs and  is anything but squeamish,  I guess he changed foreplay a little, from a suck or a twist, to a lick and a fondle. Even if either one of us had wanted to have indulged in erotic lactation,  it wouldn’t be feasible whilst feeding the baby, as there wasn’t really an abundance to begin with and I certainly wouldn’t continue to stimulate lactation afterwards; I needed a bloody rest.

Last night after talking to Andrew for an age, I felt a mixture of emotion. Initially sniggering like a teenager, discovering in excitable disbelief the kookier side of sex, to disturbed when I saw the pictures, thinking of the lunacy of it all, to feeling a little sadness, that I was mocking him, when surely, deep down, we all like something odd or unusual, even if we don’t admit it?

The regression side of it seems a smidgeon understandable. Don’t we all wish we could escape the adult world for a little while? Forget about the finances, the early morning alarm, the argument with your partner about the  unwashed dishes left on the side again; the relentless responsibilities and the lack of time to complete mundane chores. Let’s put our welly boots on instead and run through the leaves and muddy puddles, chase the kids out of the playground and see how high we can swing or how fast we can spin the roundabout, let’s built a den with blankets over, to hide inside and forget all about our daily stresses.

Maybe Andrew just takes it a step further? A step too far? Who knows.

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9 Responses to Milk

  1. Juliedc33 says:

    An intriguing blog! Sad / cringeworthy in equal measures. I dunno whether I pity him or am just laughing at him!

    • I started with laughter, then felt a little ashamed with myself for being pathetic. It does seem a little sad but hey, if he’s happy doing it, then it’s okay.

      • Juliedc33 says:

        Yeah, totally! Each to their own and all that. You’re quite right in what you said about us each having our little weird fetishes…some people are just more intense about them I guess.

  2. Gina says:

    Check out the bottle if Whiskey behind Andrew.

  3. George Orwell says:

    (Like your bracketed comments with your experience of the chat – made my own weirdness provoked shared).

    Initially I laughed at all, but as your chat with Andrew progressed and I then viewed his photos I was overwhelmed with sadness for him, but I was still ambivalent to Bob and Michael.

    Having read again I am left that Michael is out for want Michael wants.
    Bob scares me: I envision lime pits.
    Andrew… he NEEDS not wants/desires.

    I’m unsettled when it comes to Andrew for Andrew’s future happiness and contentment: I can’t see either.
    Let’s hope I’m as full of BS as usual.

    PS Thanks for this blog. Haven’t had to think in too long. Provoked tonight.

  4. You’ll probably be asked at some point to take this post down. Or at least remove the photograph from the main blogpost to give “Andrew” (if that is his name) some anonymity. (He looks a bit like “Hank Hill” to me – the cartoon character from “King of the Hill” – maybe he also sells “propane”).

    I’m not judging either end of this relationship – Andrew for going online to express his needs (is ‘express’ the right word here, or do we need some bottles and bedside refrigeration to do that properly), and find someone he thinks he can trust. At his end is a story – we may never know any or all of it – but I’d guess it involves a mother who left him at a very early age? Or maybe he had a bad experience in college? Or maybe lived with a mad aunt and Tom Stoppard was his uncle, and he was the inspiration for Zipser in Porterhouse Blue and Stoppard just toned it down a bit? Who knows? Sounds like one for a Phil, Oprah or Jezza Kyle show to me.

    At your end, well, you did a pretty good journalistic job – got your source, got the evidence and wrote your piece (very good, by the way). But you run the risk of having to “protect your source” – at least that what I think they say, they may have meant “protect your sauce” – does breastmilk count as a “sauce”?

    • You’re probably right. I felt uncomfortable posting the pictures and cropped some of his face out of some. I will removed the main photo. I was even lying in bed last night unable to sleep at the thought of how he would feel if he stumbled upon this blog. Mortified?

  5. fiona says:

    I’ve read quite a bit about ANR, it’s a fascinating fetish.

    We tend to think of these ‘adult babies’ as being somehow crippled and unable to function within society, however many are highly driven & successful individuals who use the ANR as an outlet for the stresses of their day-to-day lives. A few hours of ‘babyhood’ and they’re ready to face the world again.

    As you say, the thought of being able to totally regress to babyhood and thus abdicate from all responsibility is very appealing. I think it becomes problematic only when the ‘baby’ chooses NOT to grow-up again at the end of ‘play’ and opts to live out his life as an infant. I think these individuals are probably the ones whose mothers left them, or abused them, or just didn’t love them enough. God forbid I should ever be repsonsible for damaging either of my boys in that way 😦

    The nappy-wearing side of it particularly bothers me for some reason. Far more than the nursing or the sissification. Being continent is something that marks the transition from babyhood to childhood, it’s a massive milestone. For someone to choose to soil themself after years of toilet use just strikes me as very unsettling. Some adult babies end up having to use nappies all the time because they actually become incontinent. Their bodies forget how to hold onto their waste. These people end up having to use nappies all the time, even when they’re not actually ‘playing’.

    As you say though, if a kink is private then where’s the harm? So long as any acting on it is between consenting adults then that’s fine by me.

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