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The night I thought I’d killed him with sex.

This is an anonymous guest post… It was a birthday celebration night, his not mine. Everything was in place, sky high heels, short tight dress. He told me I looked like an expensive hooker. I beamed at the compliment.

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Twitter Hiatus

As George Michael once said, ‘I did NOT, believe me, try to convince the arresting officer that I was looking for my lottery ticket when he arrested me.‘ He also said ‘Choose Life.’

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Guest Post – The Early Starter’s Story

This is an anonymous guest post – The Early Starter’s Story – a delayed response to Do Women Really Talk About Masturbation? By CuntyChopalops Let’s play two truths and a lie. You know the game, I’ll make three statements – … Continue reading

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Always Me

Not only did I get drenched with rain on the first school run, my arm muscles torn and aching from holding the baby close to me under the umbrella awaiting the tribe to vacate their classrooms, but I had forgotten … Continue reading

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Halloween Facebook

I’ve woken up to the following conversation on my Facebook newsfeed:- XMy SisterX ჱܓ: Has Jst Nearly Bin POSINED no joke !!!7 hours ago via Mobile Web: 2 people like this. Sophiexxxxl By whooooooo♥ XMy SisterX ჱܓ :I aint messin … Continue reading

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