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The Veet Disaster

Last night I text my husband who was sitting a few feet away from me the following message. Fancy going to bed and listening to a podcast? The instant reply was ‘yum yum‘ Podcast is our code for sex.

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This post is a follow up to Making Money – The Perverse Way? I must clarify that although this post is in jest, I accept that everyone has their hidden kink and as long as they are happy and not … Continue reading

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Outdoor Sex, In Fact…Sex Anywhere Other Than Bed.

A few people have requested a post about fucking outdoors and finally, I am ready to oblige, although I’m thinking it won’t be in the positive sexy light they were hoping for. Yes, I have had sex pretty much everywhere … Continue reading

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Guest Post – Manhandle With Care By HoMoFo

“Fudge Packer!”, “Ass Bandit!”, “Knob Jockey!” Aside from being the names of my childhood goldfish, they’re all accusations leveled at me by complete strangers. From the scaffold of the building site, inappropriate East End children, and the increasing hordes of “lads” drunkenly clinging onto each other up and down SoHo on a Saturday night, looking far gayer than me walking in a street, on my own. Continue reading

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Camping Sex-Based Disaster

So camping with a group of 15 others including many minors, sexual shenanigans were always going to be difficult, however we managed to get rid of our own offspring into a different tent and we headed for our sleeping bags … Continue reading

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