Day 3

Ooof. Every now and then it hits me and I feel momentarily winded before the nausea kicks in.

What a fucking mess! Continue reading

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Day 1

Blog posts written in 2012 =0

Marriages of mine ending in 2012 =1

I’m dumped.

I need to say it aloud a few more times in the hope it may sink in… My husband no longer wants to be married to me. Continue reading

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Not Female Friendly

Social networking is very much doing my head in.  I won’t be ostracised from public group conversations due to your wife’s/girlfriend’s insecurities.

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Stranger Danger

I’ve got a feeling this post will be a long one and I haven’t really written in ages. There are things I need to say. Things that I have been pondering the last few days and this post took a week to write.

You’re back. Aren’t you? I’m not sure what’s going on. Always, I’ve suspected that you’ve been lurking and watching. Talking to me through social networking under another guise. But you’ve announced your arrival and put me straight on another roller-coaster.

Some people in my life are aware of you but they maybe don’t know the full story. Embarrassment prevented me from sharing most of the details, so when I needed support by the end, others didn’t quite understand the depths of my distress.

But for those that don’t know who ‘Charlie’ is, I’ll treat you to a little background. Continue reading

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Bad Parenting #1

Daughter 2: Can I watch Saw?

Me: No.

Daughter 2: Why not?

Me: Because you’re 10.

Daughter 2: So. People at school have watched it.

Me: I don’t care.

Daughter 2: But you let me watch 18s!

Me: You’ve watched one 18 and I fast-forward through the bad bits.

Daughter 2: No you don’t.

Me: Yes I do.

Daughter 2: But why can’t I watch Saw? Continue reading

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