I’m reusing my blog. There has been a massive gap due to a marriage break up and then 18 months of another relationship keeping me away from social media. That sounds controlling or screwy. It’s not meant to. I was consumed by this relationship and abandoned my blog, my twitter and my online communications. Blogging gave me comfort, so I’m attempting to write again. For my own personal therapy. There is a justified fear that people will use my words against me but I don’t care. My mind is filled with fact and fiction, reality and wishes, dreads and amusing thoughts.

I state clearly that this blog is 99% fictitious and cannot be used as facts or evidence in any divorce proceedings 🙂

My original personal statement (2010)

Do you know where you fit in? I’m not so sure.

I’m older than all of my friends but younger than the other mums I associate with. I’m not a yummy mummy and although I love my children, I don’t want to discuss them all day long. I’m not a singleton with tales of dating or loneliness, nor am I part of an old married couple, having recently wed. I’m not daily overwhelmed with romance and love nor am I in a turbulent relationship, we rest somewhere in the head-above-water, mostly happy middle.

My humour is darker than that of my pals and as I haven’t yet developed the ability to self-edit, I often talk my way into trouble. I’ve just left full-time work after having a baby (fourth offspring) and I’m trying to start my own business. I’m luckily, the black sheep of my annoyingly demented family and have moved to a new area where the only people I have regularly contact with outside my household unit are the staff at the local co-op.

Feeling restricted on Facebook, my former colleagues and family who make the bulk of my friends list, disapproving of my status humour, I moved anonymously to Twitter but got sucked into the yummy-mummy crowd. Whilst I appreciate having experienced parents on tap to query, it quickly became apparent that I am not their breed of parent. I can’t blog about my organic vegetable patch or my daily commute to work leaving the babies with the au-pair. So I started again, totally being myself for once…


4 Responses to About

  1. Amy says:

    Love it! Enjoy the freedom t’interweb brings and I’m already looking forward to the next posts. Super blog :0)


  2. Good luck chum. I love it already. It’s funny – I love the word cunt and say it often. In fact I love swearing but to be honest I am less interested in botty sex. Think of Jeremy Clarkson – some people think he’s a cunt and others think he’s a dude. This blog will be the same and if you put yourself out there like this some folk will ‘tut’ and shake their heads in disgust and then maybe have a dig and a poke but ‘fuck ’em’ it’s their problem not yours – your blog, your space, if they don’t like it then they don’t have to read it. Get it out there – why the fuck not!!

  3. leigh says:

    refreshing blog!!

  4. Aerin says:

    Definitely a fave new read. Saw you linked on Dorothy Black’s site (she’s a pal) and now spending the whole day bunking off activities to read it all. Awesome.

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